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About us
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The world is experiencing changes
at an unprecedented pace
in all areas of life
We assist you
 - individuals - teams - projects - organisations - 
to SAIL the LIFE you are LONGING FOR !

It is for the courageous, and it brings lasting rewards.

The work we propose focuses on your needs whilst bringing sustainable well being and harmony to your inner the core.

The work can be applied to solving specific problems, to achieving profound growth and transformation, or simply to strengthening a strong personal grounding:

  • for your organisation, it could be applied to conflict resolution, team building, organisational issues, or to new transformation and growth

  • for yourself, it could be applied to health (body-mind-spirit), family, relationships, career or environmental issues

The process followed is completely customised and is based on ground breaking, unique and powerful approaches, in particular:

  • it starts with you, where you are at, your challenges and your vision

  • it adapts to your evolution throughout the process

  • it is inter-dimensional, e.g. no paths are ignored: from technical, economical and managerial levels to relationships, personal and emotional, including environmental levels.

  • it uses individual and the collective intelligence, as well as approaches that can by-pass the conscious mind to drive the process in the most optimum way, whilst favouring the highest good for all.

The work promotes:

  • knowledge, awareness, and understanding of oneself and each other

  • identification and release of core blockages

  • looking at possibilities for change and transformation

Activities supporting the process are participative. They can be collective and individual, allowing deep inquiring but also fun, in a relaxed, respectful, supportive and safe environment.

We work in English, French and Italian, remote or face to face, regularly in UK, Italy and Belgium, and will also gladly travel to meet you where you are.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to discuss this much further

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